Safe and healthy work environment

VBG Group supports and respects human rights, and works to counteract all forms of bullying and harassment.

We employ and manage our employees in a way that is not discriminatory as regards gender, age, nationality, religion, political opinion, disability, membership in an association, sexual orientation, and social or ethnic origin. Diversity in the workplace is encouraged at all levels throughout the Group.

Our employees are our most important asset, and we work to be able to offer a safe and healthy work environment. We also work so that our employees have a safe, healthy work environment. This includes having a zero tolerance approach to workplace injuries. In 2018, 30 workplace accidents (53) were reported, which is a clear improvement compared with the high number of the preceding year. Injury statistics apply above all to two operations in the Ringfeder Power Transmission division. Even though the initiatives carried out in the division over the year yielded excellent results, in 2019 we will require continued vigorous efforts at the management level in the division to further reduce the number of workplace accidents.

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In 2018, men constituted 79% (79) of employees and women 21% (21). We are striving for a greater proportion of women in executive positions in the Group. Criteria for an employee to be regarded as holding a senior position are that the employee is part of a management group, has subordinate employees, holds an influential position with major impact factors or has specialist competence in one or more areas. At least one of these criteria must be met before the person can be classified as senior.

Social responsibility goals

The proportion of women in senior positions is to increase to 21% up through 2022.

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Outcome 2018

In 2018, 17% (17) of executive positions were filled by women. Our goal is to raise this percentage to at least 21%, which is a proportion just as large as the total proportion of women in the Group.

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