For better use of resources in production

A large part of our impact takes place in production and the supply stage. We strive for better, more efficient use of resources in how our products and solutions are produced, both in-house and among our suppliers.  

The VBG Group applies the precautionary principle, which means that we avoid materials and methods that could constitute a risk to health or the environment. Our goal is to minimize the amount of hazardous waste and optimize the use of those resource that go into our production; this is a continual and ongoing effort. We apply the precautionary principle, avoiding materials and methods that could constitute a risk to the environment and to health. The Group has established routines for monitoring and reporting environmental performance, and regularly evaluates potential and future risks to our operations and products. We have in our goals to 2022 specific targets for energy consumption, waste generation and environmental certification.

Target - energy consumption 

The target for the Group is to reduce energy consumption by 15%* through 2022. In 2021, we acheived a total reduction of 25.0 % in energy consumption since 2017. 

* Per production hour 

Target - waste reduction

The target for the Group is to reduce waste by 10%* until 2022. Total waste generation increased in 2022 by 14.8 %, but the share of recyclable waste products increased to 83.5 % of total waste. The proportion of hazardous waste decreased slightly, totaling 11.9 %.

* Per production hour

Target - environmental certification

All of VBG Group’s production facilities are to be environmentally certified by 2022 at the latest.

At the end of 2021 11 out of 13 facilities were certified according to ISO 14001.