Sustainable solutions for increased safety

We offer quality, reliable products that are durable when used for their intended purposes. These range from solutions that promote increased safety in both traffic and critical infrastructure to facilitating sustainable transportation and measures that decrease carbon emissions.

VBG Group was founded to offer safer couplings. Our offering is larger today, but the fundamental intent around safety remains. Safety increases through our products and solutions. Onspot’s automatic tire chains permit safe winter driving for essential transportation and emergency services personnel. Mobile Climate Control’s climate solutions optimize a safe, pleasant climate for drivers and passengers. In addition, Ringfeder Power Transmission’s vibration dampers promote a safer infrastructure since they prevent structures from collapsing during natural catastrophes and thereby save lives.

Product innovation is central to reducing our impact. We are part of driving development to reduce carbon emissions from transportation, and we are working to develop solutions for more efficient transportation that economizes on resources. For several years, Truck & Trailer Equipment has played an active role in promoting longer, heavier transportation of freight, which has resulted in lower fuel consumption per ton shipped. 

Our solutions also promote the more efficient use of resources through unique solutions in electrification. With our climate control systems for batteries, an electric process can be used to heat and cool batteries in electric buses.