News 10/31/2017

VBG Truck Equipment signs distribution agreement with Hyva China Mechanics

VBG Group’s division VBG Truck Equipment has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Hyva China Mechanics. The agreement means the division’s entire range of couplings will be marketed and sold in the Chinese market, starting this autumn.

“China is faced with the challenge of making its transport system more efficient and we have been in discussions with Chinese authorities for several years with the intention of promoting the European standard for different types of transport solutions and so that our solution, with longer vehicles and higher vehicle weights, receives approval in the country,” says Anders Erkén, Division Manager of VBG Truck Equipment.

During the year, the decision by the Chinese authorities to introduce European technology and the new regulations, which came into effect in early 2017, mean the use of drawbar couplings in heavy vehicle combinations is now permitted. The segments that will initially be affected by the new regulations are heavy transports of passenger cars and vehicles for the distribution of food and general packages.

“The new regulations will create demand for our products in China in the years to come, which will open up for favourable business opportunities and further international expansion,” says Anders Erkén.

VBG Truck Equipment’s agreement with Hyva China Mechanics is exclusive and means the division’s entire range of couplings will be marketed and sold in the Chinese market from autumn 2017.

“Hyva China is exactly the right partner for us. Its existing customer base is precisely the group we want to reach with our product range and Hyva also has extensive experience of promoting premium products,” says Anders Erkén.

Hyva China Mechanics is a separate organisation within Hyva, which is a manufacturing and trading group in the motor vehicle industry. Hyva China Mechanics covers the whole of China, including more than 200 service points.

“Today, China is undoubtedly one of the most important economies in the world. The decision by VBG Truck Equipment to establish its products in this very strong market is completely in line with our strategy for internationalisation and our ambition for organic growth,” says Anders Birgersson, Managing Director and CEO of VBG Group.