News 7/5/2017

VBG Group AB relocating to new premises

The people working at VBG Group AB’s parent company will move in to new premises during the summer.

“The main reason for the move is that we have grown out of our existing premises. Moving will free up much needed space for VBG Truck Equipment, which has also recently been working under crowded conditions,” says Anders Birgersson.

We will be moving to our neighbouring town Trollhättan. Our phone numbers and e-mail addresses will not change, and our invoicing address will also remain the same (VBG Group AB, Box 1216, SE-462 28 Vänersborg, Sweden), but as of 10 July, our new postal and street address will be Kungsgatan 57, SE-461 34 Trollhättan, Sweden.

“Due to the acquisition of Mobile Climate Control, the Group has doubled in terms of both sales and number of employees. We now have 28 local companies across 18 countries, and I think it is only natural that the parent company also has a separate location. We found appropriate premises in Trollhättan with almost immediate access, which was a key factor for us. However, the registered office of VBG Group AB will remain in Vänersborg,” says Anders Birgersson.