News 10/16/2017

New Division Manager of Edscha Trailer Systems

Director of Marketing and R&D Volker Biesenbruck appointed new manager of VBG Group´s Edscha Trailer Systems Division.

“Our current Division Manager, Per Ericson, has during his six years with Edscha Trailer Systems headed a journey where the division has developed both in terms of its profitability and its range of products. However, he has also commuted for several years from Sweden to the office in Germany and now wants to end this for personal reasons. Per will therefore instead now work for the Parent Company, though he will also be available as a resource for division management at Edscha Trailer Systems during a transitional period,” says Anders Birgersson, Managing Director and CEO at VBG Group.

Per Ericson is leaving his position as Division Manager of Edscha Trailer Systems today and will be replaced by Volker Biesenbruck, who is currently Director of R&D and Marketing at the division.

“It is reassuring and natural that Volker Biesenbruck is taking the baton. With his 17 years at the company, Volker has extensive experience of Edscha Trailer Systems’ business and I see him as a highly suitable replacement for Per Ericson,” concludes Anders Birgersson.