News 5/25/2016

VBG Group launches new website

 “Our website is an important window to the world and I am thrilled to unveil a site that fully conveys what VBG Group represents,” says Anders Birgersson, Managing Director and CEO.

In addition to a new design that adheres to the Group’s new visual identity profile, the contents have been completely reworked to provide visitors with a more accurate image of the Group’s activities. One top-priority item was to improve the Investor relations section by presenting more financial information and designing a structure that makes it easier for investors to find relevant information, but also to give job-seekers a better idea of VBG Group as an employer via the website.

As part of the Group’s endeavours to identify well-managed companies with strong brands that may be relevant for acquisition, an entirely new section has been added to the website.

“The VBG Group as an owner section is aimed at those who are interested in selling their company and those who are curious about what we are like and how we are perceived as an owner,” explains Bo Hedberg, Business Development Director.

The new is designed to work equally well in a mobile environment as via a tablet or PC.

Welcome to the new!