News 9/30/2016

VBG Group deepens partnership with one of its largest customers

 In 2016, VBG Group’s Ringfeder Power Transmission division was approved as a global supplier of two-part shrink discs used in planetary gear units for SEW-EURODRIVE, a leading European manufacturer of industrial gear units and industrial gearmotors.

After working with SEW-EURODRIVE for two years to meet all of the company’s technical specifications, Ringfeder Power Transmission was approved as a global supplier of two-part shrink discs for planetary gear units in the spring. Following the agreement, the division is now qualified to supply its entire range of shrink discs to SEW-EURODRIVE.

“By intensifying our relationship with SEW-EURODRIVE, we are also strengthening our position as an international supplier of products for mechanical power transmission,” explains Thomas Moka, Division Manager of Ringfeder Power Transmission.

Ringfeder Power Transmission’s partnership with SEW-EURODRIVE began in 2000 and has grown deeper over the years, particularly in connection with VBG Group’s acquisition of the companies Gerwah and Tschan, whose products further helped VBG Group meet SEW-EURODRIVE’s needs. SEW-EURODRIVE is currently one of the Group’s largest customers.

“SEW-EURODRIVE is an important player in the power transmission industry. Our partnership to date is a good example of how VBG Group’s internationalisation can also help us to strengthen our relationships with existing global customers,” says Anders Birgersson, Managing Director and CEO of VBG Group.

SEW-EURODRIVE is Europe’s leading manufacturer of industrial gearmotors and industrial gear units. Planetary gear units, which are covered by this most recent agreement, are often used in heavy industry such as the construction, engineering, power and mining industries as well as the food and recycling industries.

Ringfeder Power Transmission, which accounts for approximately a third of VBG Group’s turnover, has more than 4,000 customers worldwide.