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Contacts with students and recent graduates are important when it comes to attracting new knowledge and ideas to the VBG Group. We also want to encourage more young people to learn about and develop an interest in the professional and educational opportunities linked to our operations.


In several of the VBG Group’s markets, there is intense competition when it comes to recruiting people with qualified technological and engineering expertise. To ensure a competent workforce now and in the future, it is thus vital to establish relationships with the educational community.


In Germany and Sweden, we work together with various universities and colleges and take on a number of students conducting degree projects each year. Ringfeder Power Transmission offers several trainee positions within its operations.

Young employees

As an established player in the industry, it is also important that we do our part to encourage more young people to develop an interest and pursue an education in fields linked to our operations – not least in the field of technology. Therefore, we welcome trainees and study visits in these areas.

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