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VBG Group's strategy is to acquire, own and develop industrial companies, with the overall aim of creating a safer society. VBG Group is a long-term active owner with the goal of creating sustainable profitable growth.


The business concept is based on active management and further development of the business models, in order to create value over time. In addition to defining the strategic framework for the Group, the Parent Company works to create synergies and contribute to long-term value creation in the various parts of the Group.


VBG Group's strategic framework

VBG Group strategic framework


Based on the mission of creating a safer society while continuing to create sustainable profitable growth, we have defined three key sucess factors:

  • Strong brands and leading market positions in selected niches.
  • High customer value in our products.
  • Diversified customer base.

Within these areas, the Group will pursue prioritised strategic initiatives linked to growth, profitability and sustainability.


VBG Group targets

Growth target:  >10% Average annual turnover growth over a five-year period, of which 5% attributable to actual organic growth and 5% to structural growth.


Profitability target: The goal for the Group is to reach an EBITA margin of at least 15 percent.


Sustainability targets: The goal is a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases (scope 1 and 2) by 2030 (reference year 2022) and to support all of the UN's sustainability development goals.


Common foundation

Our common mindset, our Keystones and our Code of Conduct forms the foundation for the Group.