Niches and products

The VBG Group’s divisions strive to be the number one or number two player within their specific market niches. This page provides some examples of the niches in which we operate and describes how our products make a different for our customers and for the surrounding world.

The figures provided that are linked to the size of the markets and the market shares of the VBG Group’s divisions are based on a combination of public statistics and the Groups’ own estimates.

Friction springs

Our friction springs are used in many different fields. In aircraft, they are not only used as damping components in the mechanism that adjusts the position of the wing flaps, but also for aircraft doors. In buildings, they are used to reduce vibrations from earthquakes. This protects the building and potentially saves human lives.

Market position

The industrial market for friction springs has a turnover of approximately SEK 100 M. Ringfeder Power Transmission holds approximately 45 per cent of the market.

Drawbar couplings

Truck & Trailer Equipment's trailer couplings for heavy commercial trucks contribute to higher road safety, a better environment and a better working environment for the driver.

Market position

The market for automatic drawbar couplings for heavy commercial trucks has a turnover of approximately SEK 1 billion. VBG Truck Equipment is world-leading, with approximately 55 per cent of the market.

Sliding roofs

Our sliding roof for tarpaulin-covered trailers and tipper vehicles, and our sliding bow roof for railway cars contribute to faster loading and unloading, which enhances the efficiency of transport activities.

Market position

Approximately 100,000 tarpaulin-covered trailers are produced worldwide annually, most of which have a sliding-roof system. Edscha Trailer Systems produces more than 40,000 roofs for these trailers and thus has more than 40 per cent of the market.

Automatic tire chains

Our automatic tire chains for commercial traffic increase road safety and help the drivers of trucks, fire trucks, school buses and ambulances to arrive in time, even in difficult winter weather conditions.

Market position

The market for automatic tire chains has a turnover of approximately SEK 300 M annually. Truck & Trailer Equipment is world-leading, with a market share of approximately 65 per cent. 

Climate Control Systems

Our climate control systems (HVAC Systems) ensure an optimal climate for buses, offroad, utility vehicles and defence vehicles, in markets with differing needs. The climate control systems create a good work environment for drivers and a pleasant environment for passengers, but also contribute to reducing the negative impact on the environment by using innovative technology to reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Market position

The North American market for climate control systems for buses, which accounts for about 56 per cent of the division’s total sales, has an annual turnover of approximately SEK 2,000 M. Mobile Thermal Solutions is market-leading, with a market share of approximately 40 per cent.