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Press releases 9/28/2023

VBG Group launches new website
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Reports 7/20/2023

VBG-Group-Q2-2023-ENG (PDF)
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Calendar 10/24/2023

Q3 Jan-Sep 2023
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Net sales, MSEK, R12


Operating profit (EBITA), MSEK, R12


Earnings per share (EPS), SEK, R12
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Sunrise on the highways

We create a safer society

VBG Group was founded in 1951 to create a safer society, this is still today the biggest driving force for our business.

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Person in Nature

This is how we contribute to a sustainable world

Responsible business that protects people, society and the environment is a prerequisite for being a long-term strong company. It is important to us and to our stakeholders. VBG Group's sustainability work is integrated into the business strategy, which means that both the group and the divisions are covered by the sustainability goals.

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